Siri met ChatGPT,it actually made it speak

ChatGPT Siri is a shortcut command on iOS and macOS, which is used to ask ChatGPT questions through Hi Siri, and let ChatGPT speak with voice.

ChatGPT Siri: Control ChatGPT with your voice

In fact, ChatGPT Siri is a shortcut command that uses OpenAI API and iOS features to convert voice commands into text, pass them to ChatGPT, and then convert the returned text into voice and read it out with Siri.


siri shortcut:

Required: OpenAI API

Note: There is a fee to use the API, the price is $0.0020 / 1K tokens, 1k tokens is approximately equal to 750 words

When calling ChatGPT Siri for the first time, you need to enter the API key and ask for network permission (only visit

It is very convenient to use Siri when you can’t free your hands.
Support dialogue mode, as long as it is not canceled, the dialogue can continue forever. Can say new chat/exit chat.


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