Honkai: Star Rail newbie explanation


First of all, the team problem, the best 4 color team, to deal with a variety of unexpected situations, the game is basically by breaking shield, you break the shield after the other side will stun a round, this round you can stack buffs or tun battle skill points, equivalent to faster than the other side, so basically play is broken shield, if you want to scrape hard is not impossible, the key to see the personal play. If someone says they practice the role does not correspond to the weak point how to do, that is to re-train, the level does not have to be too high to ensure that the role does not die on the line, as long as the resources tilted main c enough power basically can pass


Physical protagonist: first of all, the protagonist opening protagonist is the physical properties, basically positioning is a physical c, no main c or no shield, then you can choose to raise the protagonist, after all, bar cocoa liya hit the protagonist can be transferred to fire shield, basically March seven at this time can be laid off

Fire master: taunt shield, basically she can have a certain effect to protect other characters, the big move also tuned fast enough to break the shield gain basically okay

March seven is a shield auxiliary, no nurse when you can take her on, especially when the lock monster March seven can basically save lives

Level 17 conductor can give you this defense shield set, get it to her, basically can set full, later if the protagonist dedicated to the main character can be replaced to the protagonist, the level does not have to rise, a small amount of resources tilt on the line, if you can not carry on upgrading

Dan Heng: wind c no other c then very recommended

Space station black tower store to buy the fast gunner set to the main c, and then strengthen

Don’t spare resources in the early stage, the main c equipment level upgrade is necessary, other auxiliary sets to get an effect on

Nurse: the current nurse on the delivery of the doctor and 5-star small dragon man

26-27 can take the milk set to the milk mother on the line

Stop cloud: there must be practiced, plus attack, charging milk, weapons with the whole team plus attack, equipment broken shield set, talent mainly point battle skills and big move

Aisida: pull the bar must, single shield break super strong, the main battle skills on the line, basically a shield-breaking tool people, the big move is good to put


Each place store can buy all, the space station to the attack set, the ice country to the physical set, the immortal boat to break the shield set, are very good, and weapons

What weapons to bring what weapons, strengthen on the end, do not feel the loss, the late weapon experience can be brushed, and the early do not eat much experience

Physical spending
Experience book, weapon materials, breakthrough materials, equipment book is not recommended to brush, basically the main practice a team, and later is certainly to change the equipment book do not have to invest too much resources

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