Tesla China recalls over 1.1 million Model 3/Y as mandatory kinetic energy recovery is removed

Starting May 29, 2023, some imported Model S, Model X, Model 3 and China-made Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with production dates between January 12, 2019 and April 24, 2023 are recalled, totaling 1104622 units.

The vehicles included in this recall do not allow the driver to select an energy recovery braking strategy and may not provide sufficient warning to the driver if the accelerator pedal is depressed deeply for an extended period of time. The combination of the above factors may increase the probability of long-time misuse of the accelerator pedal, which may increase the risk of collision and pose a safety hazard.

The announcement said that the recall activity was carried out under the defect investigation initiated by the State Administration of Market Supervision and Administration. As a result of the investigation, Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. plan to push newly developed functions for the vehicles in the recall area through the vehicle remote upgrade (OTA) technology to reduce the risk of collision caused by excessive speed due to prolonged deep pressing of the accelerator pedal. The features include:

(1) Providing options to allow drivers to select energy recovery braking intensity on vehicles that do not have energy recovery braking intensity selection;

(2) Adjusting the factory default state of the vehicle’s energy recovery braking strategy;

(3) Alerting the driver when the accelerator pedal is depressed deeply for an extended period of time.

Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tesla (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. will notify relevant owners by registered mail and text message to arrange for recall repairs. Users can call Tesla’s customer service hotline: 400-910-0707 via cell phone and landline for inquiries. In addition, you can also visit the website www.dpac.org.cn, www.recall.org.cn, and follow the WeChat public number (SAMRDPAC) to learn more information and reflect the defect clues.

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