The Witcher: Project Sirius has completed the “New Framework” design, offering single player / multiplayer gameplay.

CDPR announced a bunch of game projects a few months ago, including The Witcher 4 based on Unreal 5, the open-world The Witcher: Remastered, a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, and The Witcher: Project Sirius, a new game in The Witcher universe being developed by Molasses Flood Studios in Boston (previously Drake Hollow and The Flame in The Flood).

The Witcher: Project Sirius is being developed by Molasses Flood Studios in Boston (previously Drake Hollow and The Flame in The Flood) and is part of the new Witcher universe. CDPR announced in March that they had “re-evaluated the original conceptual scope and commercial potential of Project Sirius” and were “developing a new framework for the project.

According to the latest regulatory announcement, CDPR said on Thursday that it has completed its work to “define a new framework” for The Witcher: Project Sirius, has set a new direction for the project, and has revised the costs associated with the project.

CD Projekt CEO Adam Kiciński previously said, “The game will be set in the world of The Witcher, but it’s different from our past releases in that it’s aimed at a broader audience. The Witcher: Project Sirius will be available for single-player and multiplayer.”

It’s unclear exactly how the game will play; a job ad posted by The Molasses Flood earlier this year indicated that the game would feature action combat, co-op, AI procedural generation elements and branching or non-linear storytelling, which at first glance sounds like a multiplayer instant service game with story elements rather than a traditional RPG.

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