How to make a simulation game in roblox

Making a simulation game in Roblox requires the following steps:

  1. Design the game scenario: First, you need to design the game scenario, including a store, factory, office, etc. You can use the tools in Roblox Studio to create and edit game scenarios.
  2. Create characters: You need to create characters for your players and determine their abilities and skills. Players need to be able to buy and upgrade these skills in the game.
  3. Design the store: You need to create the store for your game so that players can buy and upgrade their skills. You can use the tools in Roblox Studio to create stores and items.
  4. Add quests: You can add quests for players to complete to earn rewards. Quests can be to buy items, upgrade skills, or complete other tasks.
  5. Adding a financial system: You need to add a financial system to your game that allows players to earn and spend virtual currency. You can create a currency system using the tools in Roblox Studio.
  6. Test the game: After you have completed the above steps, you need to test the game to ensure that it works properly and provides a fun gaming experience.
  7. Publish the game: Finally, you can publish the game to the Roblox platform so that other players can play your game.

These are the basic steps for making a Roblox simulator game, but of course there are many other details to consider. If you need more detailed help, you can refer to the official Roblox documentation or seek help from other Roblox game developers.

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