OnexPlayer 2 Pro design announced, powered by R7 7840U, three use forms.

OnexPlayer 2 Pro handheld and New Century Evangelion (EVA) co-branded with AMD’s latest R7 7840U processor, will be released soon.

As shown in the picture above, OnexPlayer 2 Pro handheld continues the overall design of OnexPlayer 2 with EVA theme color, equipped with detachable handle and keyboard, has three forms of use: handheld, tablet and notebook.

The OnexPlayer 2 handheld was released in January with the R7 6800U processor, and the OnexPlayer 2 Pro has been upgraded from the R7 6800U to the R7 7840U, with the 8.4-inch 2560 x 1600 display expected to continue from the previous generation. Other aspects, the handheld supports PCIe 2280 SSD and has a battery capacity of 65.5Wh.

Author: Hans

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