AMD’s latest chipset drivers support the Riptide 7045HX “desktop processor”

AMD’s recently released chipset driver supports the Riptide 7045HX “desktop processor”.
AMD’s Riptide 7045HX is a series of gaming notebook processors, but AMD is labeling it as a desktop processor, so there are two possibilities here. One, AMD is building a new “desktop APU” with the Riptide 7045HX family of processors. The second is that AMD’s driver update logs are incorrect.

Considering that the Rex 7045HX processor is based on the Rex 7000 desktop processor, which has the same maximum 16-core specs as the desktop processor, and the core graphics specs are also 2CU bright-class, it is unlikely that AMD will use the Rex 7045HX as a new “desktop APU”. The second possibility has higher chances.

If AMD really wants to launch a successor to the R7 5700G APU, AMD should use the R7 6800H or R7 7840H chips to build the series processor, although there are only 8 CPU cores, but the scale of the core is larger, 12CU, with the performance of an entry-level single display.

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