Does reading comics affect reading skills?

The fact that comics bring words to life in a graphic, vivid way has always been popular with children and is a great way to guide them through reading.
One of the popular types of comics for children are usually four-panel comics and multi-panel comics. Four-panel comics tell a story through four pictures with simple text. Multi-panel comics are usually more complex in terms of composition, arrangement, and text, and require finding the correct order during the reading process, as well as speculating on the order in which conversations will take place when multiple conversations occur in a single picture.

Whether it is four-panel comics or multi-frame comics, when reading, readers need to learn to read the pictures while reading the text, analyze the characters’ expressions, actions, environments, etc., and make certain conjectures and judgments about the storyline.

When analyzed in this way, we find that reading comics is not as easy as we think, but requires the mobilization of a variety of reading skills. And reading comics requires more quietness of mind and more patience on the part of the child.

Author: Hans

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