X (Twitter) App for Android goes live with audio and video calls

The audio and video calling features of the X Platform (formerly Twitter) App for Android went live today.
Currently, only subscribers are allowed to initiate calls, but anyone can answer them. To use the feature, you’ll need to update the app to the latest version, then initiate a private message in your message list, tap the phone icon and select audio or video call.
Users can also hide their IP through trunk calls and decide who (users in their address book, people they follow and authenticated users) can call them and even enable or disable the call feature.
Musk has been hinting at adding audio and video calling to the platform as part of his goal to make it a “universal app”. He’s made a number of controversial changes and has repeatedly said in public that he wants to take a page out of WeChat’s book and make X a mega-app.

Author: Hans

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