Apple Vision Pro Purchase Information

  • If users wish to get their Vision Pro by mail, exclusive customized accessories will also be mailed to you along with your Vision Pro.
  • Many retail store employees have reported sweating, suffocation, and fatigue after using the Vision Pro for more than 30 minutes, symptoms that are also common when wearing other VR devices for extended periods of time.
  • Currently, the Vision Pro’s external battery only lasts about two hours, so users will need to connect an external power source if they want to wear the device for extended periods of time.
  • Apple says there are already 1 million familiar iOS and iPad OS apps that can run directly on the Vision Pro, so users don’t have to worry about buying a device and not having the software to use it.
  • It’s worth noting that the $3,499 Vision Pro is currently selling for $11,500 on third-party sales platforms, and Apple reportedly only has about 400,000 units of the Vision Pro in stock for the first batch.
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