IOC executive board proposes gaming Olympics

On June 15, the IOC Executive Board proposed to the IOC Plenary to organize an Olympic eSports Games.

They are “holding in-depth discussions with potential organizers” and will announce the results as soon as possible after their July 23-24 meeting in Paris.
The 142nd IOC Plenary Session will be held in Paris, where a series of important proposals will be voted on, including the organization of the Olympic Games for eSports. IOC President Bach said in an online press conference the same day, “The IOC is taking an important step forward in keeping pace with the digital revolution. This proposal will bring a boom to the e-sports community and we are very happy about it.”

During the day’s meeting, the IOC Executive Board emphasized that the e-sports Olympics should be conducted under a “completely new structure,” and that it could not simply follow the model of the traditional Olympics in terms of organization and operation.

The Games will be based on the Olympic Gaming Week held in Singapore last year. The week-long event, which is supported by the IOC, combines the physical simulation of Olympic sports with traditional e-sports gaming. According to the IOC, 75 percent of the audience watching the Singapore event will be between the ages of 13 and 34.

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