New MacBook patent: Enabling touchpad, palm rest and screen touch interaction.

The latest list published by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office (USPTO), Apple has filed a patent for a MacBook notebook with touch.
According to the patent description, this notebook not only has a touch screen, but also implements haptic feedback in the palm rest area and touchpad position.

Apple has been officially opposed to the integration of touch elements in MacBook notebooks, but this has not prevented the company from applying for patents on related technologies, and it is unclear whether Apple will launch touch notebooks in the future.

From the patent, Apple believes that current electronic devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones typically notify users of different events that occur in different ways. This includes playing sounds, providing tactile output (such as vibration), displaying visual notifications, etc. Tactile output can be provided by actuators that use vibration motors or oscillation motors. However, these vibrating motors typically vibrate the entire electronic device and do not provide localized haptic output. In addition, traditional vibration motors tend to be large and take up more space. Apple wants to set up a small touch module, which will be distributed in the screen substrate, touch panel, palm rest and other areas, according to the different areas of touch to achieve flexible touch.

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