ChatGPT goes live with networking and plug-in features, available next week for Plus paid subscribers

OpenAI announced that it will roll out networking and plug-in features to all ChatGPT Plus users next week, and OpenAI says that both Alpha and Beta ChatGPT Plus users will have access to networking features and more than 70 plug-ins already live.

This update means that the last seal of ChatGPT has been completely lifted and ChatGPT will serve its users with the latest information and messages. From the official blog of OpenAI, we learned that in addition to the networking function, the upcoming plug-ins have also greatly enhanced ChatGPT’s capability.

Roughly speaking, the types of ChatGPT plug-ins currently on the line cover scheduling assistants, code interpreters, creating new websites, text to audio, shopping comparison orders, making summaries based on PDF document content, and more.

According to industry sources, this update is even comparable to the birth of the Apple App Store. Developers can create and distribute their own plug-ins to serve users, signifying that ChatGPT is not just an Internet service provider, but an ecosystem pioneer.

Author: Hans

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